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"Be the Hands, the Heart of God."


The Beautiful Heart Foundation

written by Most Reverend Heyward B Ewart, Ph.D., D.D.

This comprehensive ministry to the Philippines and beyond was founded by Dr. Anacleto Belleza Millendez, a deeply spiritual Catholic physician.

In addition to free health care for the poor, Dr. Millendez acts as both an educator and a defender of the poor in many ways. He is an advocate of holistic health, defined in the best possible way.

He believes in helping the poor help themselves by opening doors to professional education, such as nursing, but also to the practical learning required for living a healthy life. Life, he believes, must include the practice of one's faith plus good health habits, and hard work.

Work, he believes, gives mankind a dignity. So when the doctor delivers medical care, he requires that the patient also do something for himself; that is, take action toward a healthier life-style. "I teach people to fish," the doctor says.

He holds to the old cliche that the best things in life are free, but he qualifies that statement by urging all to care for those elements in the world that are free but are endangered. Air and water are available to all but they are treated with recklessness.

Dr. Millendez is always in need of donations; not only financial but also medicinal. He believes the supply of pharmaceutical medicines could be far more generously shared.

Dr. Anacleto Belleza Millendez, Founder of the Beautiful Heart Foundation conducted medical mission in Brgy. Okoy in the Municipality of Santa Fe in Bantayan Island in Cebu Province on December 16, 2018 in partnership with Marc Cuizon.


The Beautiful Heart Foundation will conduct medical missions in depressed communities in the Philippines on May 2-27, 2019.

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