The Beautiful Heart Foundation, Inc.

"Be the Hands, the Heart of God."


           The Beautiful Heart Foundation, Inc. was the brainchild of Dr. Anacleto B. Millendez and was conceptualized sometime August 2005 in honor of his elderly and ailing 80-year old mother named Corazon Belleza (Spanish name for Beautiful Heart), who was born in Hinigaran, Negros Occidental, Philippines but spent most of her life in Pikit, Cotabato. Corazon Belleza Millendez is a woman with a beautiful heart.
           The little acts of kindness, love  and compassion that Corazon Belleza has shown through out her lifetime and her deep sense of faith in God served as an inspiration for the seven major thrusts (representing her seven children) of this foundation and these can easily be remembered by the acronym C.O.U.R.A.G.E.

The foundation was officially registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) last December 19, 2005. 
        The formal launching of the Beautiful Heart Foundation, Inc. was last February 5, 2006. It coincided with the 80th birthday of Corazon Belleza Millendez.  A prayer service was  prepared by the Marist Brothers led by Bro. Edgar Ceriales, FMS, who also hails from Pikit, Cotabato.
Mother and daughter, the late Corazon Belleza Millendez and the late Engr. Celeste "Baby" Melliza, two women with beautiful hearts. Photo taken January 4, 1994
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          Excerpts of Bro. Edgar's opening remarks:
           "Good morning everyone. We will just modify and make up something to make these occasions memorable especially to Nang Azon, who raised children - great children! In a movie, usually the film is very good because of the actors but in reality, there are people behind the film - great films. And usually these people behind great films are not being recognized. And I guess that is the role Manang Azon played in her life in raising great children for that matter.
           I have a constant connection with Dr. Millendez. First, I am indebted to him in one way or another when he, more or less, extended the life of my sister. And probably, he can be in contact with us  for a time and we will have a connection with him as far as Notre Dame of Marbel University is concerned. That is a probability.
          So, the idea is to pay tribute to Manang Azon, who raised great children who are making a difference in the world. And people who are raising children are not usually recognized, only the actors are recognized. Bro. Pat, FMS, our Campus Minister at Notre Dame of Marbel University will do some reading and some sharing. Then, and after that  let the song "You Raise Me Up" be a collective expression of what Nang Azon has been and will be. For the song, our lead singer is Bro. Arnel, FMS."


by Councilor Pilar C. Braga of Davao City

       "I am very honored to be invited to the 80th birthday of Mrs. Corazon Belleza Millendez and for the launching of the Beautiful Heart Foundation.

         This is my first time to meet Mrs. Millendez, who, I have learned from all the tributes given to her from family and friends, is truly a loving mother and a great lady. I feel as if I have known her all this time because of my friend Dr. Anacleto Millendez, who is a shining reflection of his great mother. I salute the mother as I salute the son!

        What could be a greater gift to a mother than to launch the Beautiful Heart Foundation in her honor for truly she is the reason and inspiration for the foundation that is anchored on love and services for one may serve without loving but no one can love without serving.

        I am also happy to meet all these beautiful people from Pikit and of course the Millendez clan and may your tribe increase because you bring joy to the people all over by the unselfish service you give to our less fortunate people... truly admirable!

        And this is my prayer to Mommy Azon... to enjoy continued good health, long life, and the blessing of family solidarity anchored on love... happy birthday Mommy Azon and God bless you and your family abundantly. Thank you!

Dr. Anacleto B. Millendez with brother-in-law, Atty. Rodolfo B. Melliza

A tribute prayer was also led by Atty. Paul Lumanlan of the Catholic Men's Fellowship, followed then by a lively birthday song and music from the members of the Catholic Women's League of Pikit. Tributes and birthday greetings were delivered by the celebrant's children, her close friends and relatives. Afterwards, lunch was served and fun-filled activities followed such as karaoke singing, ballroom dancing and swimming. City officials led by Councilors Diosdado Mahipus and Pilar Braga also showed up and friends and associates of the Millendez Family graced this memorable event.

Above photos taken during the launching of the Beautiful Heart Foundation, Inc.

With Fr. Eduardo "Ponpon" Vasquez, O.M.I. during the wake of Corazon Belleza Millendez last December 22, 2008.


The Beautiful Heart Foundation will conduct medical missions in depressed communities in the Philippines on May 2-27, 2019.

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