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Outreach Program in Purok 4DB, Brgy. Mayamo, Antipolo City  last June 29, 2011

Medical Missionary With Flair For Showbiz And The Arts 

written by George Vail Kabristante (January 19, 2015)

Talking of spirituality and detachment, I would like to welcome, honor as in commend USA-based/Fil-Am world-class citizen Dr. Anacleto Belleza Millendez once more for his charitable work of initiating medical missions in the country for our marginalized sector of society - children to adults including those in advanced age on a regular basis coupled with substantial and serious concern in his actual practice.

I would like to emphasize the practice of the medical mission of Dr. Millendez that he does almost single-handedly himself with substance and care as well. By substance, I mean his ways of doing is a far cry from the usual medical missions from self-proclaimed "Medical Missionaries" abroad who come back to the country with hidden agenda - that is to merely show off their supposed Good Samaritan Acts for the sinful photo ops and well, for all and sundry for tax shielding purposes.

To top it all, the medicines that this bogus missions cursorily give away to their beneficiaries are only good for one day or maybe a week the most. Isn't that a familiar story? Not with Dr. Millendez. There's more to his gestures in that direction.

Not known to most, Dr. Millendez has been producing and hosting as well for over a couple of years now his own version of a reality show on cable TV with an entertaining arts and culture component titled "Beautiful Heart," after the foundation that he founded under the same name.

It is shown in the big cities of California where he is based including New York. And that is where his highly organic weekly reality shows get to be patronized world-wide including expats and Fil-Ams abroad.
I have no second thoughts of connecting him to the PMPC (Philippine Movie Press Club) knowing that our club annually does charitable projects like medical missions. This goes with paving the way for the cultural component that comes with the initiative to include volunteer performing artists from TV/movies considering that entertainment can play a vital part as therapy in the notion of wholistic healing for those in health situations.

Earlier on though, Dr. Millendez has worked with Balintataw Film & Theater Arts-UNESCO Philippine Center for International Theater Institute its President/National Artist for Theater Cecile Guidote-Alvarez in cooperation with OWOEP (Olivars World of Events & Productions), a high-end center for talent development and placement service cum eventologist owned by one of the most-sought after talent agents in the TV and movie industry Anna Lou Chua Anna Lou Chua Olivar, also lovable kumare of mine.

Been there, done that and still doing the medical mission things with Dr. Millendez. Therefore I speak, write and sometimes direct his organic reality TV show when he is indisposed or under the weather due to so many things to attend to. We do it with cultural flair and entertainment component always Visit his FB under his name or google: "Beautiful Heart" on how to avail of the services of his medical missions with the support of some friends and artists of the entertainment industry.

Outreach in the Day Care Centers in Brgy. San Pedro, Puerto Princesa last July 7, 2011

Medical Mission in Brgy. Catalunan PequenoDavao City last January 27,  2010

Medical Mission in DUWHA Village, San Rafael, Davao City last March 15, 2008

Medical Mission in Smokey Mountain, Diversion Rd. Davao City last March 15, 2007

Medical Mission in Smokey Mountain, Diversion Rd. Davao City last February 1, 2007

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The Beautiful Heart Foundation will conduct medical missions in depressed communities in the Philippines on May 2-27, 2019.

For further details, please email:

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